Alignment for part oriented in the opposite direction (two parts clips together)

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  • Alignment for part oriented in the opposite direction (two parts clips together)

    I need help correctly doing an alignment for this part that is the reverse of the thick part and then they are clipped together. I am struggling to align it properly . I've measured a plane A , B and C but cannot get the trihedren to be oriented in the correct position . Attached bellow are what I am trying to achieve with the previously used alignment and by using the same alignment what I am getting as an result.
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    Firstly, the standard process for alignment is LEVEL, ROTATE, ORIGIN.

    Secondly, I can see that you Translate the same axis multiple times.

    There should be One level, One Rotate, and 3 Origins


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      Level Z to the top plane
      Rotate X to the right plane
      Align X to the right plane
      Align Y to the face plane
      Align Z to the top plane


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        Ok so what would you recommend to align the thin correctly it also has to be leveled to the top plane not including the small notch shown in the right corner


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        for the rotation is it XPLUS rotated about ZPLUS ? Attached is the outcome .
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        • InspectorJester
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          I think so; as long as you have those 5 things, and the trihedron does not move when you are editing the alignment, you are good.
          To make things even easier for you, recall the startup alignment just for this particular alignment.
          If doing that moves the trihedron, something is wrong

        • sscandlon
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          Ok! Thank you for your help!

        • InspectorJester
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          Your alignment looks good to me; I can barely see the trihedron in your original two pictures though; is everything correct?

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        I am ASSUMING here that you already have a program for the "1st part".

        If its the same as the other part but "reversed" whey are you programming it ?? Mirror the program in Y ( or X ) , import the actual correct cad, and then change any features that are not an actually "mirror" of the original. If its truly 100% same part but a "reverse", Mirror the program and you are done.


        • InspectorJester
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          I was hoping someone would provide a process like that; I don't work with "reverse" parts, so I wouldn't have been able to help in that regard!
          I figured there was an easy-peasy way to do handle this...

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        It's too small to see but I think you are confusing Axis and Origin when aligning.
        The X axis will be the Y origin, or where Y = 0 (Y is always equal to 0 along the X axis)
        The Y axis will be the X origin, or where X = 0

        if you get the origins swapped PCDMIS takes the middle of the line as the origin and the Tetrahedron will be in the middle of your part instead of on the side where you want it.


        • InspectorJester
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          Might have been my fault; I couldn't see the trihedron very well.

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