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  • Probing small areas.

    I was wondering if there's a way to make the graphic points on CAD-models smaller in order to get a better view when checking/controlling points in small areas or points very close together?
    Also I'm wondering if there's a way to get automatic warnings when it's mathematically obvious that probing a certain way would result in stem-hits or when ball-diameter is too big to measure an area, like a low wall or something?

    And if yes to any above, how does one implicate these features?

    Best regards.

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    Yes there is. Change the number in the "Pt. Size" box. As you play with that value, you'll see the point size visually change in your graphics display window.

    Also, a trick I would recommend....make your prehit & retract 0.0001" while you're programming so you can see EXACTLY where your probe will be contacting the part..then change those parameters back to a normal value when you're completing the program.

    When you want to see if you're going to crash or not, you can...
    1) Go into the F5 menu, adjust the animation speed of the software to a level you like, then execute the measurement routine OFFLINE & watch the probe. Make changes as needed.
    2) Hit "ALT+P" to get your pathlines then "OPERATION/GRAPHICDISPLAYWINDOW/COLLISIONDETECTION". The software will execute the program offline & report back to you anywhere it thinks it will crash & you can fix it from there.

    pic for group.PNG
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      This is very helpful. Thank you measurestuff413.


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      Another option, is the change the diameter of your points inthe CAD and Grapic setup. Mine, I usually have it set to .020, but every so often, I have to change it to .010 or even smaller.
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