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  • Probe Shift Problem

    Has anyone ever encountered this?

    I was attempting to test run this offline program in the CMM and I encountered to following during the test:

    -When the program completed the manual alignment, and prepared to go to DCC mode there was a tip change from Tip 1 (0,0,-1) ,-Z, of a star probe to Tip 5 (-1,0,0), -X. At this change point the graphics window showed the a shift in the probe position relative to the CAD model. The probe model shifted Tip 5 to the XY-coordinates of TIP 1. and proceeded to measure the part on the CMM as if it were in the same shifted position as the probe model.

    I examined the probe file and could find nothing in error. The probe went through the calibration without issue. I also redid the alignment in the program and saw no change in the actions of the program.

    Is there anything else I can try to fix this probelm? If there is any further information that I can provide that would be helpful, please let me know.
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    Oooops...the program.

    Here is the program in the attached zip file
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