Calibration a L probe at A90 B0

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  • Calibration a L probe at A90 B0

    I am trying to calibrate a "L" sharped probe. The calibration needs to be able to run in DCC. The probe rotates at A90 B0 so the hits can not go all the way around the cal sphere. How do I take the points I need manually but then have them saved for the next calibration in DCC?

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    Oh & I am running PCDMIS 3.7mr2


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      Is the vector of the qualification sphere correctly defined? If it is, PC-DMIS should be able to navigate around the shank of the sphere for itself. You can also change the start angle to define how far down toward the equator of the sphere the probe goes.

      If you truly need to manually define the hits for the calibration do this. Create a new program just for the calibration. Create a sphere feature in the program manually measuring the qualification sphere with the L probe at A90B0 using the hits you want for calibration. Make sure the nominal value of the sphere is correct. In the menu go to Insert | Calibrate | Single Tip. It will insert code to calibrate that tip with the sphere you created.

      You don't technically need a new program, but I think it makes it simpler.
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        You don't say what type of calibration artifact.
        I would use the dual ball @ 45 deg. mounted on the CMM with the high ball to the front & the low ball pointing to the rear.
        As Schrocknroll stated, if the vector of the qualification tool are correctly defined Pc-dmis should be able to navigate around.
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          Is this only orientation/angle you using on L-shaped probe?


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