Subroutine Angle Dimension different then Report

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  • Subroutine Angle Dimension different then Report

    We have a group older programs written in a much older version of PC-Dmis. We have updated to 2017 R1 and the dimensions are not printing on the reports the same as they are on the screen when the subroutine is open. We execute one program and based on sample measurements taken on the part it then goes to and runs two (front & rear) out of six total (three sets of front & rear) subroutines to check the parts. The subroutines have the angle dimensions in decimal degrees and that is how they display on the screen when you have the subroutines open. When you run the master program it prints the angle dimensions in Deg/Min/Sec and the numbers are completely different then one another. And it is not even close enough to be the Supplemental Angle.
    Has anyone seen this before and/or might know what is causing the issue?

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    Check in F5, there's a parameter about subs.
    Check also in F5/dimensions the angle set up.


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      In the subroutine program the Display angle degrees is set to Decimal degrees. The Angle degrees is set to 0 to +/- 180. I don't see a parameter labeled for subs right off but I'll keep looking.

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    Not sure it helps, there's "pass back settings from subroutine" in F5.
    Do you dimension a 2d or 3d angle ?
    Maybe it's a problem of workplane different from sub and main ? (I don't use sub very often... )


    • sfield
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      They are dimensioned as 2d angles. 2d or 3d doesn't seem like it should make it change from decimal degrees in the program/on the screen to Deg/Min/Sec on the report. Am I correct with that thought? There is no dimensioning in the main program, only in the subs. I didn't write these programs and have not wrote any programs using subs myself so I am trying to figure out what is happening with this with little experience with subs.

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    I think it's a problem of work plane / alignment between the main and the sub.
    I would try dimensionning angles by an assignment.
    Create in the sub some assignments :
    ASSIGN/V1=GETSETTING("Workplane Value")
    Then create a COMMENT/RPT, V5 in the sub and look at the difference between both values (sub and main)

    I'm not at the CMM, maybe there's a shorter way assigning workplane vector ?
    Here, I created in V3 = ±<1,1,1> - workplane vector
    should give the vector
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