DMIS variable to show in report label/ grid control object

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  • DMIS variable to show in report label/ grid control object

    Well hello guys,

    i am new in this stuff so dont be so harsh on me.
    Well i have an issue that after i give value to the V1, text or numeric value i cant manage to "pull" it from edit window to be shown into report through label/gridcontrolobject/ or anything.

    examples that i have tried:
    1. ASSIGN/V1 = 15
    2. ASSIGN/V1= "15"
    3. ASSIGN/V1= "teststring"
    4. ASSIGN/V1= teststring (obviously that doesnt work cause it is flagged with red color)

    using grid control object i tried the following to get the values out:
    1. =Variable(V1)
    2. =Variable("V1")
    3. =Variable("V1.text")
    4. =Variable(V1.text)

    yea tried all i had in my head therefore i wanted to check with you, software version is 4.2 MR1 Release.
    And yea this value would be written manually inside edit window not via C1 inputs similar.
    So if you could assist me would be awesome.

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    You could have it report using a comment, such as:
    "Name: " +V1


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      Something like Getvariablevalue ?


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        'VARIABLE' needs to be in uppercase
        Automettech - Automated Metrology Technology


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          Badger, ok i understand but was writting on forums it was assumed that it goes with capitals as in many other programming languages.
          Okey i managed to make it work with ASSIGN/V1="###" whether inside is number or textual/string. Thx for assist guys, i try to avoid using external stuff like basic or thingy because it complicates things for future members of team.

          PS: Okey forgive me for adding question. When i get results of measurments and variable values show on report, if i change nominals/tolerances of some measurments and click little broom to refresh report window, will it remove values of variables (means it gonna left it empty or 0) cause PPAP's are very long?


          • NinjaBadger
            NinjaBadger commented
            Editing a comment
            No, variable values will remain until either you close PC-Dmis or re-execute entire program.

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