Pcdmis 2018 r1 vs power spike

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  • Pcdmis 2018 r1 vs power spike

    I am hoping someone might have a simple answer for me, while working in pcdmis, the metro Detroit area had some weather conditions that caused a couple electrical spikes (two) knocking out our IT. For whatever reason, the Gremlins in pcdmis must have been awakened. The program I was in got knock out, so I had to restart, no big issue. I use command mode in the edit window all the time, now pcdmis goes to summary mode? Any adjustment I do to any program, it defaults to summary mode. Has anyone had this problem? Should I just reinstall pcdmis and let the Gremlins go? I have never seen this issue or anything close to it. Our IT is busy right now, so I was wondering if there is a quick fix, I am leaning to reinstalling the software, it's just a matter of when.

    Thanks for any input.


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    I would create a new prog (empty !), changing to edit window, save, quit, and re-open.
    Maybe there's another solution in Edit/preference/setup ?


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