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  • Record machine time use Daily

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed, but is there a way to record daily machine use of the CMM? Trying to justify on purchasing another CMM.
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    If you have parts backed up and waiting for more than half a shift, then I would say you need another one, especially if you have to do "in process" checks in a production environment.

    And yes, it has been mentioned, can't tell you what was figured out.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


    • KIRBSTER269
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      Thanks Matt, I thought this was discussed before, but the bean counters need something showing this. I big pile of parts sitting in front of the CMM apparently isn't good enough

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    At the beginning of my program I run this assignment:

    Then at the end of the program I use this:

    The other variables in the WRITELINE are other variables at the start of the program I use for data collection (operator name, part number, job number, comments, etc).

    And yes, this has been discussed in the past. You've been gone so long, you forgot!


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      The only thing I have to combat with this code is if a program starts at 11:59pm and ends after midnight. The math goes to negative numbers. However, this code is in hundreds and hundreds of programs....I don't feel like modifying all that, right now.
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      Thanks I will follow up with this subject a little later when I can

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    What happens if you run multiple programs that day? It would kinda suck to have to add everything up from report data.

    I could make you up an excel sheet where you press a button to start time, press again to stop, repeat - that adds the total time in a cell if you think that would be enough proof.

    This is kinda what time clocks and employee time allocation are for though.


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      Haaahaahaa you think an employee's badge-in and badge-out times are anywhere near equal to actual CMM utilization? that's hilarious! 8-P

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      No, employee hours =/ to machine time which is why time allocation is important on top of in building hours.

      We have little modules on all our computers where an employee types their employee number and pin and they are prompted for a job number. once they hit go, the time they allocate to that job is being recorded until they go and enter a new job.

      Really useful when looking into refining quoted timelines.

      The data isn't 100% accurate, but it's pretty usable.

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    This has been discussed before, but I haven't seen (or made) a finished solution. We (HMN Nordic, Sweden) have an embryo in our own barcode program, as all program starts/stops are logged - this means that a total runtime can be calculated from this data.

    The principle is simple - an external application connects to PC-DMIS through automation, and gets notifications of all that's happening (more or less everything you see on the status line, plus a lot more if necessary). As long as this application is running, all PC-DMIS execution can be logged in any detail (yes, in theory you can count the number of probe hits and rotations).

    The devil is (as always) in the details - how to ensure re-connection each time PC-DMIS is restarted, how to protect the external application from crashing/locking up, etc.
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      You can use this code.

                  "Cycle Time : "+V1

      # This code gives the running program duration.
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        site does not write "assign" command

        You must type the "Assign" command before V1.

        I'll try here :

        "Cycle Time : "+V1


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          4 years ago... : (#5)


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            This is my solution for machine time. I'm using it for many years and works great for me.



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              Had to do this several years ago to justify getting a offline programming station. A detail analysis of time spent at the CMM was required. We just did a paper log that recorded program name, probe qualification time, building grid plate fixtures, run time, swapping out samples, programming time, editing time etc. There is a lot that goes on at a CMM that PC DMIS can't possibly capture.

              We wound up proving pretty easily that programming and editing was the bottleneck and were able to justify our offline programming station.


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                I appreciate all the inputs folks. There are a crap load of programs here. I just don't see myself putting these scripts in every program. Some of these programs I don't even have access to. So I was kinda looking for maybe if the program itself had a time on time off switch. I do thank you guys for your inputs. Without full access, scripts won't work.
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