cmm compatibility - mcosmos to pc dmis

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  • cmm compatibility - mcosmos to pc dmis

    Good morning gurus,

    We currently have a Mitutoyo cmm (Mitutoyo 574 crysta - apex s) and I was wondering if it's capable of running pc dmis? It has a Renishaw PH10M > SP23M > SM25_21 > SH25_1 along with a Mitutoyo jsbos - M type A jog box.

    would pc dmis run on this machine without having to invest in new hardware or retro fit the current machine?

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    Anytime you retrofit there will be some hardware that you will need to replace. You will only know if you get a quote for the retrofit what is involved.
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      The short answer is yes. We offer a few different solutions regarding getting PC-DMIS to run on that line of machines. Depending on the controller there is a direct Mitutoyo Interface, and for the ones that don't support the direct interface we also can offer an I++ interface for them. Now I'm not a huge fan of I++ interfaces but if you really want PC-DMIS the extra work you have to do with it is worth it.
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