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  • CWS ( white-light) Qualification

    Running PC-DMIS 208 R2 Service Pack 4

    I am running an Optiv with tactile/Camera, and CWS (white light) I'm having difficulty with the camera
    measuring features in a program. One of my programs intermittently stops during random camera
    measurements, and I have to manually step the program to the next feature.

    I'm guessing this may be a camera calibration issue? I have not yet seen a video on-line that shows the
    calibration procedure. Does anyone out there have a detailed, written instruction on how to calibrate
    the camera, and the CWS light?

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    Recommended Order of Calibration For Optiv Vision CMM's with PC-DMIS
    1. Place calibration artifact on machine
      1. Artifact must not move until:
        1. Optics has been calibrated
        2. Master probe has been calibrated
        3. Ring gage has been measured using touch
        4. Ring gage has been measured using vision (probe offset calibration)
    2. Load camera probe in PC-DMIS
      1. Calibrate optics
    3. Load master probe
      1. Calibrate lower level matrix if needed
      2. Calibrate master probe on sphere (yes tool has moved)
      3. Calibrate master probe on ring gage (yes tool has moved)
    4. Load camera probe
      1. Calibrate probe offset using the same ring gage (no the tool has not moved)
    5. Calibrate rest of probes
      1. If all probes can reach sphere without being moved, measure saying "no the tool has not moved"
      2. If the sphere need to be moved for calibration, sphere must be refound using the master probe, saying "yes the sphere has moved". Then calibrate the rest of the probes saying "no the tool has not moved"
    6. [If Applicable ---ONLY DO IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY--- ] Calibrate Chromatic White Light Sensor (CWS) offset
      1. Close any open PC-DMIS .prg's
      2. Open "CWS_CROSS_CAL.prg", located in a similarly named folder under C:/
      3. Run the program, following the prompts


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      Thank you JEFMAN, but I have this already. I've done all the calibrations, but may have
      missed something. I really need a step by step on the actual calibration, keystroke, by
      keystroke. I'm not sure if I'm doing them correctly.


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        there is no CWS calibration as you think about it in the same way of a probe calibration.

        the CWS is simply an offset from the camera.

        as far as the camera calibration, they do teach this in the level 1 vision course. To calibrate the camera you need the hexagon slide. using this you can calibrate the optics which is probably what you are looking for.

        I won't be able to take you step by step because i'm only working from memory since it's been a while since i've done it. Give the help file a search for "Calibrate Optics"


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          The only way I know the program stops by every measuring feature with camera is when Auto Tune is on.
          If so it should show in the live view window. Turn of under File\Auto Tune.


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            Thanks for the input everyone, much appreciated.


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              There are many different cross calibration programs for this. Hexagon might supply you with one. You need the glass slide. Our cross calibration program works by finding a circle first with the camera. Then you find the circle with the white light sensor using scans.Script at the end to match the coordinate systems.


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