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  • Move Point in Offline Mode

    How do you make a move point in offline mode. Thanks.

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      I type everything out. I type "MOVE, -tab- P (point will automatically come up), -tab-, X value, -tab-, Y value, -tab-, Z value. It may seem longer but I've been doing it that way so long it's faster for me, plus no awkward CTRL+ hand movements.


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        I simply put the curser where I want it hit control M and if I don't like the X,Y,Z values, I change them in the program. Much faster .I don't have the luxury of time .lol


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          One other option is to left click on the DRO(the axis location readout in the lower right hand corner) and use the dialogue that pops up to insert a move point. It's a tick box called "store move" that is ticked by default. Just click "create" and it will insert the move into the program.
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            Instead of doing a Normal move point (with XYZ values), you could create a Relearn move point (learn during execution). This is a good option for offline programming since it allows the operator to position the probe where the move point is needed (press "done" on jogbox when prompted) during the first run. After the Move Point is "learned," it then becomes a Normal Move Point with XYZ values.

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              Just as another OPTION. Get familiar with CLEARPLANES. "Most" offline programmers might agree they are the way to go.


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                I program offline all the time. The only move points I use are to clear the probe above the part (For example: Move/Point<0,0,400>) Otherwise, I use clearplanes 99% of the time. Definitely saves me the hassle of trying to figure out if my move points are in the right location.


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                  Yep. And my OCD doesnt do well with that jerky motion of a program done with all movepoints !

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                If you want to come over to the dark side, use move/increments. One wrong alignment hit and the move increment will send your probe into oblivion! on a serious note, I use move/increments very often when probing smaller or more intricate parts.


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                  I use them all but the one thing I do like about the second option Move Point is it displays where the Probe is compared to your Trihedron.



                  So when you start punching in numbers. The probe moves to that point and stays in view on your screen until you create or cancel the move point.

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                    I usually type them in - oddly enough I used to love clear planes but as I program more and more offline I use exclusively move points and avoidance moves.

                    Nice little trick for the ctrl+m guys, split graphics window in ZPLUS and YMINUS like so, control X and Y on top half and X and Z on bottom half.

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