trying to organize a job folder for future reference

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  • trying to organize a job folder for future reference

    I am running version 2018 r 2 and am trying to organize the programs that I have made for each job and part number to be able to go back after I am complete. If the job ever comes back.

    I have made a folder for the job as I want. But what do I have to put into the folder to be able to reload and run my program.

    So I get the .PRG that is creates and I put that in and the .CAD both with the "little PC icon" in the folder. But when I open the prg file as I would if I never moved it the CAD is missing. My pro-am is there but no cad.

    There is also multiple cad and prg progams but with the "icon"

    I have now lost the CAD.

    I guess I am looking for the future of what is needed so I can double click the PRG as I could before and start to run.

    Thank you,

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    I have .prg, .prg^, .prg~, .cad, and .miniroutines.xml.

    If you save a program from PC-DMIS to a new location, all necessary files should be saved together.


    • Douglas
      Douglas commented
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      I think you can only see all of them with windows options set to show hidden files and folders

    • Nano Vujkovic
      Nano Vujkovic commented
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      All files should be saved either way, the difference lies in you seeing them or not.

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    File > Save As...

    Save where you want it.


    The only way you're CAD is getting lost is if your .CAD file isn't where your program is, or if you renamed your .CAD file something else. Well, unless 2018 R2 has a new bug.
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      Depending on how you open the folder the .CAD arent always shown. They are there if you put them there.


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        That makes sense. I am opening everything and then so the save as creating a new folder from the beginning.

        This will put what I need in there

        THank you


        • EmilySue
          EmilySue commented
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          Depending on your settings (in the "explorer" windows, I think), there are other temporary files that may not show up when you move things around. If you miss those, it can make things misbehave. This is why I've gone to ALWAYS using "Save As" and creating a new program. Then I do my best to get rid of old versions along the way.

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        mine are all 'sorted' by job to begin with. PRG/CAD/ALN files all in their own folder. Job is done, folder gets moved to an archive location. I need it back later, simply move the folder back.

        as an example, that is where all the job folders are created:
        then each job gets its own folder
        and so on.

        Job is done, that folder gets moved to an external drive. I need it back 3 years later, simply copy it back to C:\PCDMIS\JOBS.
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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