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  • help with a distance

    so at the bottom of this hole it comes to a sharp point. how would i go about finding the distance from that point. to the top of the dome? sorry if the picture quality is bad.
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    Probe the bottom of the hole with the smallest probe available and take a hit or plane on the surface.


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      couldn't you measure the cone to get the apex (point)?


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        With a pin. Measure to the shoulder using the best fit pin, and add the angle of the drill point. Some things are best left off the CMM. This is one of them.


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          I agree with Schlag . This is probably not a good measurement for the CMM. The only way that you could get an accurate measurement is if you had a pointed CMM probe that was able to touch inside that depth.


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            Originally posted by acgarcia View Post
            couldn't you measure the cone to get the apex (point)?

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              Originally posted by Schlag View Post
              Some things are best left off the CMM. This is one of them.
              +1. CMMs are great but not for everything.

              That being said, most of the drilled holes we check that are like that are measured to the end of the full diameter, not the point. I don't think I've ever had to check one to the drill point before.

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                I'd use drop indicator or height stand if it really needs to go to the point... possibly a depth mic with a pointed tip... we have a digital depth mic that I can switch tips on.


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                  I would try to measure the top of the part as a sphere, check the profile, then measure a cylinder and create the intersect circle.
                  Then measure a cone or an autocenter point (so a little assignments to calculate the point).
                  I believe there's also a solution with 2 auto center points, but it's too late here to think right...
                  (from this method :


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