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  • Constructing Profile from profiles

    I inspected profile on a part in several sections (cylindrical part) as a Measure Set (16 hits in every section) and tolerated in rel to datums ABC. (form and location)
    Now I want to Connect them into one profile to tolerate form only, but no luck.
    Constructed Feature Set from the sections but is seems only one point from every section is considered.
    Constructed Feature Set from the sections with HIT.[1..FEATURE.NUMHITS] but seems the result is 1mm shifted (probe compensation?)
    Constructed Surface does not work - INVALID INPUT

    How to correctly connect construct Profile from other profiles ?

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    Have you tried selecting all of the points for the form only profile individually instead of using a feature set?


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      So you used 16 individual points in 1 section and made a set and did this multiple times ? If this is correct, use ALL of the individual points and create a set and use that for your dimensioning ?


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        So, I will need to use separte Vector Points instead of Measured Set ?
        There will be some clicking job, but if this works that is fine - program was imported from different software, that is why Measured Set..


        • Schlag
          Schlag commented
          Editing a comment
          A measured set is a "group of features ". If this is something imported from another software I am of no further value and I have no clue how this would work.

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        Use Xact measure and select all the features that you want to profile at the same time.You don't have to construct a feature set beforehand.


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          I was happy that it works, but...
          Section are inspected in loop rotating alignment. Analysis View shows that all sections are in one place, not on circumference, and deviation is huge...


          • opton
            opton commented
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            Therefore I copied section with pattern instead of loop.

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