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  • dcc versus manual mode

    i have just reloaded PCDMIS 2012 due to a computer crash. when i create a new program the mode is always in DCC mode and i cannot change it to manual mode.
    the probe button for manual is grayed out. is there a setting i am missing

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    Find MODE/DCC in the Edit Window and put the cursor in the middle of the word DCC. Then hit F7 or F8, this should cycle it to manual mode. Or you can try typing MODE in the Edit Window, then hit TAB, and start typing MANUAL


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      I failed to mention that this is an offline seat for DMIS i have tried the F7 key i have also tried creating a line and typing it in manually but it switches back to DCC


      • Darrollh
        Darrollh commented
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        Are you running it as admin? Try rebooting the computer.

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      I wouldn't dwell to much on it if you cant figure it out. You have to prove it out on the CMM anyways. When you get on the CMM you changing the 1st MODE/DCC to MODE/MANUAL and away you go. Yeah I'm sure its still going to bug you but its not a show stopper in the mean time.


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