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  • Fatal error.

    PCDMIS v4.1

    I was just showing my employees how easy it is to setup with "the New machine".

    Did the "Quick Start" routine for alignment - pln/line/cir.

    Finished the setup, demonstrated the joystick in MACH/PROBE/PART by measuring the calib sphere. I looked at the screen and it said SCAN in the Quick Start box.

    So I went into the OVER-RIDE to force a sphere and hit DONE.

    Crashed out of PCDMIS.

    Not my best demo.

    Is "over-ride" something to be avoided?

    I will admit with our old machines crashing is not even a minor concern, we might get 2 software crashes a year under daily use. Not complaining, just need to plan appropriately.
    Pat McSwain
    Quality Inspection, Corona CA

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    I've never had any problems with the over-ride, but I may have only used it in 3.7???
    Xcel 15-20-10 - PFXcel 7-6-5 - Merlin 11-11-7 - Romer Absolute 7525SI
    PCDMIS 2012
    Windows Office XP


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      I'm using V4.1 and am not having any problem with over-ride. I've never had a auto measurment select a scan I didn't know it could. Or even a manual measurment. I've never seen it before.


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        fatal error, during training or demo. Now - that is classic
        "hey dude, watch this.....uhh ohh..."
        RFS Means Really Fussy Stuff

        When all you have is a hammer - everything looks like a nail....


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          You will quickly learn that the demon has a way of doing stuff like this when you are trying to show someone a neat trick, or how your program is now flawless and should run fine, or when your company's CEO is in giving a tour, etc.


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