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  • 2018 R2 SP3 Available


    Release Notes - 2018 R2 SP3

    • PCD-141323 - Corrected the issue where the Quick Fixture buttons were not
    maintaining their highlighting.

    • PCD-145242 - Corrected the issue where PC-DMIS was not recognizing the
    user-selected modes on the toolbars.

    • PCD-145623 - Corrected the issue where PC-DMIS drew the Clearance Plane
    paths in the wrong orientation.

    • PCD-146884 - Fixed the issue where PC-DMIS would crash if Optimize Path was
    running and you shut down PC-DMIS.

    • PCD-147399 - Fixed the ability to click on a feature label and open the Auto
    Feature dialog box.

    • PCD-147480 - Corrected the issue when the Tracker Overview Camera was
    clicked On, the machine would be in a "Not Ready" state unless you take a hit
    while on the Camera screen. This was an issue with the Leica interface 40x

    • PCD-148192 - Corrected the issue where PC-DMIS disables the middle mouse
    wheel when you square up the CAD image.

    • PCD-149828 - Corrected an issue with Optimize Path that could destroy the
    contents of the Edit window. This only happened when you clicked Cancel
    followed by Undo.

    • PCD-150013 - Corrected an issue when saving back to versions before version
    2015.1, not all the global measurement routine variables would be read into PCDMIS
    when you run that measurement routine, even though the command data
    would be correct.

    • PCD-150164, PCD-152744 - Corrected an issue where the default print file type
    could change without user intervention.

    • PCD-150240 - Fixed a bug that puts PC-DMIS in a state where you cannot select
    CAD surfaces after you box-select features and then select a Create Dimension
    information box.

    • PCD-150246 - Corrected an issue that caused the Excel output to start at 0
    instead of 1.

    • PCD-150622 - Fixed an issue with the Enable Interpreter that caused PC-DMIS
    to crash when executing a Basic script.

    • PCD-150832 - Fixed an issue that affected scan commands where PC-DMIS
    would insert move points in the wrong locations.

    PCD-150834 - Fixed an application error when you cut a feature from the Edit window that you are using as a relative feature for a Laser auto feature.

    • PCD-150870 - Corrected an issue where the COP vector was not correct if you rotate the probe head. The issue was that PC-DMIS stored the pointcloud stripe vector in the alignment coordinate system instead of machine coordinates.

    • PCD-151205 - Fixed an issue that caused PC-DMIS to crash when you change the Vision feature type in the Edit window.

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    Middle mouse button squares the CAD again....woohoo! What's next ctrl+mouse click will move cursor to? Somebody pinch me.
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      I downloaded SP2 this afternoon...
      bfire85 : thx for the post !
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        You've got to be shitting me. I have over 20 issues listed in the 2018 R2 thread and I can only find TWO (middle mousebutton, default report filetype) fixes related to that thread...

        There is an apparent calculation error in the SIZE command in 2018 R2 SP2, but let's fix some icons in this SP instead!
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          So this one is still not fixed...???
          I guess one can Always write Hexagon as root cause on the next 8D, but the Icons is nice looking

          "" Creating a TP for one (1) feature, in this case a circle, prevents the Z-coordinate from displaying in the report window (I wanted to report Y and Z). No matter what/how I did, the Z-coord just wouldn't show up on the report! Workaround: select an additional feature to include in the evaluation, select the coords you want reported, hit OK to create/save. Check the report so that it displays the axises you want. F9 the command again and remove the additional feature you added. After clicking OK, the report should still be displaying your correct coords, but now for the single feature only. If you don't have an additional feature but only one unique feature, just copy the one you have, change the featurename and use that in the evaluation/FCF to get the report correct. After you have removed it from the FCF you can delete the copied feature. It is only used to get the report in order.
          Confirmed bug""


          • vpt.se
            vpt.se commented
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            Probably not, its not listed among the fixes. Installing right now at least for the "middlemouse click" fix so I get something out of the SMA besides my support therapy sessions with AndersI !

          • AndersI
            AndersI commented
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            I just tested and it worked for me in SP3 - no workaround needed.

          • davehocum
            davehocum commented
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            After this version of PC-DMIS, make me think that the SMA's are used to see how many Service Packs they could create.

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          So it's a ninjaedit if it works. Fixed, but not listed in the readme? Classy.
          PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


          • bfire85
            bfire85 commented
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            Which means they didn't know how to fix it. It just happened to get fixed because of something else. I understand it's a massive piece of software. There is a lot of code! However, I would prefer them to fix the major bugs and invest their time and money in supplying a solid piece of software over enhancements for one of these releases!

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          Did not work 3 ours ago and sp3 installed


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            I don't know what's happening here - it still works for me, but I had to help a customer with the workaround, even though he was running the same version (SP3) as I. There was no way I could get his system to acknowledge the third axis until we added circle #2 and did the change.
            SW support - Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB


            • vpt.se
              vpt.se commented
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              Seems the people coding it, doesn't know either.

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