Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

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  • Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

    Hello forum

    The company where I work is looking to buy an Alpha Image and I would like to ask everyone some questions. We want to equip this Alpha with PC-Dmis, Quindos and the Leitz Head or a PH10m & SP25 scan head.

    The Leitz Head.
    I am using a PH10m with TP20s now and would really like to get away from the stack up of inaccuracy from this and the PH10m. Is anyone using the Leitz head and how is it performing for you?

    On line (this forum), Phone help, Service? (Your experience)

    We are working with a good sales person now but I would like to get away from the sales and hear from the ones that have to work day in day out with it like me.

    Any thoughts on this would be helpful.


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    sigpic Now I see it from your prospective.

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    Sweet if you can get it.

    Phone tech support . . .well some people report great experiences. I think they have lots of machines and huge up to date SMAs! Some people have waited days for the wrong answer or no answer.

    On-line support is phenomenal for it's speed, accuracy, willingness to the extra mile, and bizarre sometimes revolting humor.

    Any other thoughts. . . you don't want to go there. . see the description of forum humor above.
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