Exporting Parameter from Multiple Files to Excel/PDF

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  • Exporting Parameter from Multiple Files to Excel/PDF

    Hello All,

    We would like to be able to compile a database of measurements for a specific parameter or set of parameters that our programme records. Currently the results exist in their singular results files within PC-DMIS. I expect there is a way that we can select the files we are interested in and then extract the parameter(s) from all these files into a spreadsheet or some other external format (PDF/notebook... whatever!).

    Alternatively, is it possible to create such a database within PC-DMIS and then export that?

    Unfortunately I am not the CMM operator so please go easy on me with any replies! The operator is not aware of a way to do this, and is not really inclined to work it out however I think that this must surely be doable. I have seen a post about appending a result from a programme to an existing spreadsheet. Any help would be most appreciated!

    Many thanks,
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