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  • serialization error

    I just tried to run program that was created in 4.1. I got the following error. “part.prg serialization error, error ALT.”
    I created this in 4.1 and tried to run it in 4.1. I have ran this program many times before in 4.1 so why the serialization error? What can I do to fix it?

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    Sounds like the dreaded "corrupted probe file"
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      I don't have a clear handle on what the problem is but maybe:

      You are having a problem with windows XP and the profile scheme. If you make the program under the same profile as you installed Pc-Dmis, the problem may go away.
      So N E how.....
      1) I have deleted all the files in the "C:\PCDMISW\PROBE FILES" and re-built the pobes I needed.
      2) Just delete that offending program and start over.



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