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  • Probe Missing Stylus Rack

    After calibration of the SCR200 stylus rack, power down and restart the probe misses the stylus rack. Anyone else had this problem?

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    So it was changing fine, then you shut down and when you power up there is a problem? Did you look under Edit>Preferences>Probe Changer and the various tabs to see if all that information looked correct? Is it possible you ran the calibration routine but did not hit "apply"? It has been a while since I calibrated my rack and have not had any problems since I put it on the table. Did you use a 2x20 tip. (You really should use that tip and no other for the rack calibration.) Also did you have probe comp on or off? The instructions for the rack should tell you which way it must be. And of course logically the tp20 rack is opposite of the tp200 rack. HTH if not give more details of what went wrong, when, and how.
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