Program window did not come up on screen when program opened...

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  • Program window did not come up on screen when program opened...

    I just opened PC Dmis and I do not see a program window, how do I open it?

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    I can see the model but not the program window.


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      I found it, it was showing up as a red "X" in the bottom corner of my 2nd monitor.
      All of my Icons set up move around, how do I keep my Icons from shifting around?
      Sorry about the dumb question, I am going to Hexagon today to get a little help.
      Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for all of your input, I am glad you are all here!!!


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        There is a window layout toolbar. Make a icon set up you like - then save it using that. I have a "programming layout" and an "operator layout" for example. This operator one has only a few buttons for running the machine and what not


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          I found the Graphical analysis feature on Custom reports. That is what I have been looking for.
          It sure has a lot of steps to get to that feature.
          I followed a video from CMMXYZ, I had to change edit window to summary mode. When I did that I could not see Command mode, it took a while to get back to the correct screen.


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            Set up a Window Layout that will set up your, well, window layout. E.g. the Edit Window, Graphic Display Window, Probe Readouts, Toolbars, etc.

            Then you save it and you have 1 button you need to click to have your own setup exactly how you want it


            • Schrocknroll
              Schrocknroll commented
              Editing a comment
              Window Layout is your friend. It's especially helpful when you have 2nd shift coming in and scrambling all the toolbars during the night. One click and everything is back the way you want it.

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