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  • Machine axis after alignment - Doubt

    Hi everyone!

    I am a new user of PC DMIS for CMMs and I am currently using PC DMIS 2014.

    How can I know the axis of the working planes physically on the part after the alignment? Moreover, how is the machine axis related to the part/CAD axis after the alignment?

    Thanks a lot!

    Guilherme Rezende

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    In actuality, after aligning to the part (setting the alignment), the machine axis no longer matters. The machine travels in the direction of the XYZ values from your alignment.


    • Schlag
      Schlag commented
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      I personally always keep them the same to make it easier on my brain, but spot on, they don't have to remain the same !

    • brian.freeman
      brian.freeman commented
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      Most of the time, I keep the same trihedronal alignment as may part. In other words, however (wherever) the part is imported in, I'll try to align the using the axis of the part. In aircraft space, most times the machine X axis is Y and Y is Z and so forth.

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    PC-DMIS has the option to mix and match. If you go into the F5 menu, Part/Machine tab, you can tell PC-DMIS that the CAD X axis is the machine Y axis, etc. Can be useful for parts measured in Car Position.

    But, there is not requirement for machine and part axes to match, or even be related directly. The alignment does the work for you.

    It can be much easier to have the part and machine axes match though. So, YMMV.
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