Setting a point for the probe angle change

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  • Setting a point for the probe angle change

    Hi everyone!

    I am a new user of PC DMIS for CMMs and I am currently using PC DMIS 2014. While using the auto wrist for automatically choose the best probe angle, the software automatic chooses a point to changet he software automatically chooses a point to change the probe angle. But sometimes that point is physically interfering with something.

    Is there a way to set a point for the probe angle change for all changes? Or for only some of the changes.

    Thanks a lot!

    Guilherme Rezende

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    Why not have a move point or something to move the probe out of the way before rotating to the angle?


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      You could try setting a clearance plane above the part and using a MOVE/CLEARPLANE command before each probe rotation. From reading all your posts, it sounds like you want PC-DMIS to do a lot of things automatically. While it is getting better at doing that, it's definitely not foolproof.

      On a side note, try to be more clear when explaining your problem. I think the reason you didn't get a lot of responses is that the question was unclear. You say PC-DMIS picks a point to change the angle, but what do you mean by point? Are you talking about a point as a measured feature? Are you talking about the coordinates where the probe rotation takes place? Are your talking about where in the program the rotation is happening? There are many ways to interpret your question. I'm not trying to be picky, but it's hard to help if the question isn't clear.

      As an additional thought that might actually be helpful to your problems, be careful when using automatic probe rotation. The only times I've used automatic probe rotation was when I was writing a program. I would use it to select the best probe angle for measuring an angled hole. But after the angle was selected, I used F9 to edit the circle to turn the auto angle function off. The reason I turn I turn it off is because if the part is oriented a little differently a different angle could be selected in the future. Once a program is written, I like it to stay put, not changing from run to run, which slightly sounds like what you're describing above about it being unpredictable.
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        PC-DMIS doesn't really do auto probe rotation well. Like Shocknroll said you could use a clearplane.

        I've successfully done it with the clearplanes but its risky to make a mistake. Its a little tedious to program, but using a clearance cube can be a "safer" option.

        I had a co-worker who previously used CMM Manager who always was trying to find similar auto probe rotation functions in PC-DMIS. I dont think he ever found anything haha


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          I would turn off the auto wrist angle feature. I never understood why you would need to add the different angles to a program ? More cal time is really the only reason I came up with.


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            Make move points to get the probe out of the way before rotation.

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