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    I am backing up all of my CMM's per a conversation with Hexagon. The files that I was told to back up were the Settings Editor, downl.oad, and of course the Probes and Programs. I was able to back up all 5 for the SE, Probes, and Programs but only one my XCEL 7107 was I able to find the downl.oad file. My ONE, Aurora, Discovery and 454SF I could not find it. I searched the entire C: with no results. Does any one have any ideas why? Are there other files I should be backing up as well? I am changing companies and want to make sure everything is in as good of order as I can.

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    ONLY some controllers use the downl.oad file, I have one that does and one that does not. If you have a controller that needs it, and it isn't there, then the machine is NOT in calibration.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      How do I know if it needs one or not? I have gone back through backups that were done before I started programming and I found nothing for backing up of the Settings Editor or downl.oad file. Just the probes and programs this is like stuff from 2010 up until now.

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    Maybe I should re-state my post. I have always backed up my probe and program files but I did not know there were other files that needed to be backed up since I did not have any one to let me know what needed to be done. Of course until I happen acrossed it through conversation or on the Forum. So when it was suggested that I back up the Settings Editor and the downl.oad files as well, the above is what I found with not being able to find the downl.oad files on 4 of the CMM's. All of them have 2017 R1 on them.

    Thanks for any help with this. Will not be able to respond have an extended weekend


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      C:\ProgramData\WAI\PC-DMIS\version for older versions
      C:\ProgramData\Hexagon\PC-DMIS\version for newer versions
      These are Hidden Folders but they contain all your Qual Spheres and Probe rack calibration files.


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        Ego Murphy so you are saying back up the entire PC-DMIS file.

        That is a lot of information I have 5 machines aren't their key files that I could back up instead?