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  • CMM Training or Certificate

    Good Morning,

    How can I get that in IL state?

    Thank you,

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    • kama2818
      kama2818 commented
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      I see online and offline courses so what is the diffrence betwen them please?

    • InspectorJester
      InspectorJester commented
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      Online is getting used to programming with a machine, with or without a CAD model.
      Offline is getting used to programming without a machine, with a CAD model.

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    Do offline (at the site) for initial training. You get to ask all your questions and get a hands on experience. If you're in IL then I'm thinking Elgin would be your training facility.


    • KIRBSTER269
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      What’s that supposed to mean, Jimmy Dean? Jim Poehler

    • Jim Poehler
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      Just couldn't resist making a "Kirby Komment"

    • KIRBSTER269
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      I expect nothing less Jimbo Jim Poehler

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    In the classroom, getting a 1st hand orientation and hands on experience, I think, are more advantageous for the 'Junior' operator. Especially when performing the labs, No substitute for in class tutoring when things don't go exactly as planned. Just my thoughts though. By the way I went to NC.


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      kama2818 I offer you my services. I can come out there and train you. Cheaper than Hex. And you can call me anytime you have questions. Simple yes or no.
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        Just went through the hexagon 101 course for PC DMIS 2018 R2, did learn quite a bit only major draw back I can see is I use the 2013 version so all the newer features I cant use.

        Otherwise its a good class to help you understand how to utilize the software.

        Going to push my work to upgrade to newer version. Though it took over a year for them to send me to class so I'am no very optimistic they will.


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          Went through 101, 201,202, and 301. Going to applied GD&T for pcdmis next. Great classes but the instructor can make all the difference. Had great instructors for 101 and 301 very knowledgeable . Instructor for 201, 202 was a joke he could only read the slides and could barely navigate pcdmis himself. The classes so far were great for learning basics, however i learned a ton more experimenting and reading through everyone's problems on here learning from them.


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            The few classes I've taken for Pcdmis.... well, I've known more than the instructors I've had, as in, they learned more from me than I did from them.

            The "best" class I took... it was me and 5 (or 6) Chinese guys that couldn't speak English and their interpreter. Yeah, that was a fun week let me tell you.
            Originally posted by AndersI
            I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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