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    I played with the scans a few years ago when I first started using the DEMON and gave up because I couldn't use them for feature contructions and other relationships (at least I think that's why I quit using them), and I was wondering how many of you actually use them regularly? If so, have improvements been made since 3.5mr2 ?

    1) Use them regularly

    2) Occasionally

    3) Rarely

    4) Never
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    When do you find time to scan. I think you answered the last 20 posts...LOL..
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      I use them regularily. Generally for profiles or repairs to a section of a die-cast die(compare to CAD). As far as improvements , oh yeah, you don't have the problem with outliers like like in previous versions (3.7 did ok but 4.2 is real nice for scanning w/SP600).
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        I use the regularly to scan profiles. Burn and learn was my way finding out how to set them up.
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