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  • 2018 r2 sp1

    Here :

    Release Notes - 2018 R2 SP1
    • PCD-50401 - Fixed an issue where the Jump Hole functionality failed or
    caused scans to fail.
    • PCD-126983 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS stopped working if you reset the
    execution list while a measurement routine was executing.
    • PCD-135742 - Fixed an issue where path lines for probe head rotations were
    not drawn for probe heads with a C-joint (heads with 6 axis).
    • PCD-137806 - Eliminated a null pointer related to a commonly reported 2018
    R1 issue where PC-DMIS stopped working.
    • PCD-139668 - Fixed a crash that occurred when cast points were used in a
    • PCD-140397 - Fixed an issue where Wcompens32_2.dll did not correctly load
    the geometrical compensation map on DEA machines.
    • PCD-140785 - Fixed the issue of an incorrect path for an auto feature cylinder
    spiral scan.
    • PCD-144198 - Restored functionality that existed prior to PC-DMIS 2017 R1 to
    display the probe at the correct location in the Graphic Display window when
    a MOVE command was edited.
    • PCD-144358 - Thickness now works for Auto Cylinder and Auto Cone.
    • PCD-145193 - Implemented a change as required by Q-DAS. K2110, K2111,
    K2112, K2113, K2101, etc. should not be output to the DFQ or DFD/DFX file
    when "Use TP for tolerance of location" is not selected.
    • PCD-145787 - Fixed an issue where the Illumination tab did not appear in
    the Probe Toolbox.
    • PCD-146106, PCD-148762 - Fixed an issue that prevented setting Xact
    Measure dimension IDs from the dialog box.
    • PCD-146258 - Fixed potential 15-second delays or crashes when switching
    between cameras on a multiple uEye digital camera system.
    • PCD-146441 - Fixed an issue with the Custom Report Editor interface that
    occurred after the Save dialog box was canceled.
    • PCD-147189 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS stopped working when
    switching dimension types from the toolbar.
    •PCD-147291 - Features selected from the datum definition dialog box now
    highlight in the Graphic Display window.
    • PCD-147292 - Prevented lowercase datum letters from being defined in the
    DATDEF command.
    • PCD-147300 - Prevented a crash from occurring when the Vision laser (FLS)
    gain in the Probe Toolbox was edited.
    • PCD-147324 - Fixed an issue where an out-of-date Inspect icon was used on
    the shortcut to Inspect within the PC-DMIS start menu group.
    • PCD-147592 - Fixed an issue where the Edit window could not print to a file.
    • PCD-147629 - Fixed an issue that prevented the Xact Measure feature list
    from updating after a "per unit" flatness dimension was created.
    • PCD-147762, PCD-148548 - Fixed an issue where the Pointcloud toolbar and
    functions were not available for CAD and CAD++ licenses that did not have
    the Laser/BigCOP option.
    • PCD-147955 - Fixed an issue introduced by changes to the mouse controls,
    which caused Marked Sets to fail when migrated from previous versions.
    • PCD-148136 - Prevented a possible incorrect initialization of touch probes in
    combination with VisionBox.
    • PCD-148270 - An incorrect web store address that was used for testing
    purposes was left out in the code. This fix removed the web store link to the
    U.S. web site.
    • PCD-148439 - Fixed the error of incorrect reporting of legacy True Position.
    • PCD-148479 - The sequence of the axis in True Position output in the DFQ file
    must be updated because O-QIS software from Q-DAS was not able to read
    the original format.

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    ...of all issues listed in my "2018 R2 is released" thread, only one fix made it to SP1 - PCD-147292. I bet it was already reported.

    I wonder if there were any ninjaedits in this release (fixes not listed)?

    Hoping for a fast (and great) SP2 release.
    Last edited by vpt.se; 08-27-2018, 11:04 AM.
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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