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  • Probe Overloaded

    I keep getting the "probe overloaded" message in the execution box in PC-DMIS. How do I correct this issue? I have tried to search the web for a solution but have found nothing on this message.

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    You're supposed to put your parts on the table, not hang them from the probes. It's not a Christmas tree.

    Can't say I have ever seen this error message before.


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    What hardware do you have? You probably have too long (too heavy) probe mounted.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      Ph-10 standard force module 4x40mm probe

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    I would put a smaller probe on it and see if you have the same problem... typically a probe overload is the head not the stylus... If you have a phd manual head control try changing angles manually and see if the head can seat or "double clutches"... may need to adjust the head tension or and RBE


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      The head was struggling to lock into position, but after the second error message the Head has been running just fine. SO ODD!!


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        We had a similar problem on our Global Advantage 5.5.5 after we had the head swapped to a leitz scanning head. For us it would happen after it picked a probe up off the rack and would give us something along the lines of "Probe Overload Error." It happened intermittently for awhile but slowly got worse. It would also happen sometimes if we articulated the head. I eventually had to call Hexagon, and for us it was fixed by changing a setting in the registry, they walked me through it. I don't remember what the setting was called exactly, but it had to do with how much error is allowed when the wrist re-seats after picking up a probe.


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          Found out the cable was bad going into the head. All is well for now. Lol


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