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  • Reporting Parallelism

    I am trying to report the parallelism of 3 planes. I have 2 of them set up as different datums. When I try to report out the third plane to the 2 datums, it tells me that the 2 datums are parallel. Am I doing something wrong or will I need to create a single plane from the 2 datums then report it as another datum?
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    I thought you can only do parallelism from one feature to another?

    Can you post a snapshot of the exact callout on the print?


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      The Datums A and D are called out on the other side of the part and they are parallel. The GD&T callout box allowed up to 3 datums. I know this is the normal procedure for GD&T, but I didn't think you would want to use a perpendicular plane. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing something before I went ahead and created a new plane from the 2 datum planes.
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        In Xact Measure you can select A then add the hyphen then select D. I'm not at the CMM, but I believe that's how you do it.


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          the hyphen means that this is a common datum. so both are primary.
          you have to type in A and D. don't select it.
          if pcdmis still tells you that the two datums are parallel, create one plane out of the two. That's how i would do this


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            AFAIK, PC-DMIS only accepts A-B datums on position and runout. I think you need to produce a single datum from the two planes.
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              I would create a symmetry (mid) plane between a and d and report the parallelism from that... and perp to a, and d and see what the difference is in the three measurements
              remember parallelism is calculated over a distance... typically the points used to gather the planes... if you want to calculate it over any other value you must input that value in the perp dimension box


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