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    Anyone know where I can find a list of the toggles available to running PC-DMIS/Settings Editor?

    I read somewhere /b will create a silent backup, and /r will restore a backup. I'd like to know what sort of other toggles are available, that I may draft a quick robocopy script up.

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    From the PC-DMIS Help, section: Available Help Systems -> PC-DMIS Settings Editor -> About the Settings Editor -> Using the PC-DMIS Settings Editor -> Automating Backup, Restore and Import

    Automating Backup, Restore, and Import

    You can automate a backup, restore, or import if you use one or more options in this syntax in a shortcut or command line:
    <exe path><option>
    <exe path> represents the full pathway to the SettingsEditor.exe file. If spaces are in this pathway, use quotation marks around the pathway.
    <option> represents one of these options. You can only have one option in any given shortcut or command:
    /b performs a backup of the registry, data files, probe files and so on as a .zip file. This uses the file name and pathway from Backup dialog box.
    /r performs a restore of a .zip file you backed up with the backup operation. This uses the file name and pathway from the Restore dialog box.
    /ir:<file path> performs an import registry operation of a text file. <file path> represents the full pathway to the file.
    The text file must be in a specific format. It must match the format of the Registry.dat file stored in the .zip file that the backup operation creates.
    These seem to be the only documented switches.
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      Hmm.. I'm doing some research on the subject at the moment. Any particular reason the command would work wonders in cmd.exe, but not a .bat or .cmd script?
      My batch is a bit rusty..

      Hah. Nevermind.

      @echo off
      Set "vPath=C:\Program Files\....\SettingsEditor.exe" <of course, use the path to your settings editor>
      "%vPath%" /b
      timeout 5
      Set "vServerPath=<path_to_server>"
      Set "vLocalPath=<path_to_programs>"
      robocopy "%vLocalPath%" "%vServerPath%" /e /XO
      If I save this as "XXX.cmd" it can create a backup of the settings editor, then all the files from vLocalPath to vServerPath (e.g. all the files to a server)
      The first run will be slow, because it's backing up everything in the folders.

      However, subsequent runs will go through much quicker, because the /XO toggle only copies new files (e.g. files that are not in both places)
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      • InspectorJester
        InspectorJester commented
        Editing a comment
        I found that if the command is run slightly different, a lot of "Unsupported Operation" or some such nonsense errors appear from the settings editor.
        This was the only way that allows one script to do both.
        Anywhere else that would be good to back up? We're getting a new computer for the CMM

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