issues with defaulted setup pictures

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  • issues with defaulted setup pictures

    Asking if anyone has experience issues when setup photos are used - primarily from historic or up rev'd programs. Our IT group has removed access to the defaulted viewer – I_view32.exe which has been in use since Ver 3.2 on our machine.
    The work around I have been given is to imbed batch files/per program changing the defaulted viewer.
    Any suggestions as I’m told purchasing a license for the viewer is not a path IT wishes to peruse, would be greatly appreciated.


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    This may not be quite what you're looking for, but go to Insert> Report Command> Comment. Enable the "Display Full Screen" option and you can embed the picture into the comment so now the picture is part of the program. This way you don't need to utilize a batch file to open an external picture


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      You can also use PC DMIS Forms to display pictures.


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        create your setup as a pdf<<<<<<< Create from File

        The Create from File option (Insert | Report Command | External Object) enables you to insert a previously-created file as an object into the Edit window.

        To insert a previously-created object:
        1. Select the Create from File option.
        2. Type the directory path that contains the file you want to place as an object. Or, use the Browse button to navigate to the correct directory.
        3. Select the file to insert as an object.
        4. Click the OK button. The object now appears in the Edit window. Use your mouse to drag the box to another location or resize the box using the small rectangles.

        If you want to insert a previously-written word document into the Edit window that includes a set of instructions about operating the CMM, select the Create from File option, navigate to the directory that contains the document, and click the OK button. The document appears within the object box in the Edit window. Use the mouse to move the object box to where you want it in the Edit window and resize it.


        If you need more help cpntact us 678-446-1011


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          Thanks all - much appreciated.



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