Movement interrupted error when changing angles

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  • Movement interrupted error when changing angles

    I'm operating a Sheffield Discovery 3 with a Tesastar M head. Version 2011 MR1 software. When I change head angles I get an error message for movement interrupted. This happens using straight probes and star probes even during calibration. I've deleted and rebuilt all the probe profiles. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    What probe do you use ?
    I believe that it's a hardware problem, not software (or a parameter like disable probe during wrist in the setting editor or in the controller config).


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      Renishaw SP25M, SM25-1, SH25-1 with a 2.5 by 40mm. Using this set up for 6 years. Also just found out, a tech should be here this week to replace my X axis kerk nut.


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        You should check the Renishaw converter between the tesastar m and the Sp25, clean the contacts and check the tightening.


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          There are switch settings on the back of the PH10 controller to disable the probe when indexing. It sounds like these are not set right (you want to disable the probe when indexing). I don't remember the switch setting(s).

          There is an easy way test if you have it setup properly. If you remove the probe from the machine (so the LED on the PH10 probe head is off) then index the probe you should see the LED turn on during the probe move then turn back off when it is done indexing.

          EDIT. I just re-read and noticed you have a TesaStar-M. I don't know if the Tesa probe head controller has an equivalent setting as compared to the Renishaw probe head controller. The test is still valid though.
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            There's a slot (DB9, I think) at the rear of the tesastar e /ae, which is called disble wrist.
            I think there's a wire to plug on it, or just a plug.

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          Thanks. Checked and cleaned. Still the same.


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