PC-DMIS to Excel . . . Again!

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  • PC-DMIS to Excel . . . Again!

    I have been reading through old posts about "PC-DMIS to Excel" but cannot find anything to answer my question. Is it possible to change the output format to match what my customer is asking for? The attachment shows how they want to see the data. The current Excel output is nowhere close to this. Is there a simple solution? I am not an excel expert by any means. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    just a few topics down. I think this is what you're talking about
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      Yes, that is what I am talking about! I didn't see this post before I posted mine, as I was searching for excel not custom reports. Anyway, we must have the same customer, because I am looking for the same thing. Any way I try, I can't get the proper results.


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        A good tried-and-true method is to create a macro for each individual customer's specific reports.
        Or yeah, just make a custom report and screw Excel


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