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  • keyboard command for taking hit

    I might just be dumb, but is there a keyboard command to take a hit while in program mode. For example "alt -" erases a hit you took, but is there one to take the hit.

    I ask because in the CAD model I position the probe tip exactly where I want it, trying to get as close to the edges/walls of my part as possible... but when I click with the mouse to take the hit in that location, sometimes it moves and the hit is slightly off from where my probe tip was positioned.

    Thanks for helping.

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    You can always key in the xyz that you need till you get it where you want.
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      Are you using CAD or not? If using cad: press CTL + F4 to turn on program mode (icon that looks like a 2x20 stylus). Then literally click on the CAD surface you want to hit on. Hit point generated. Click END and feature will be generated from stored point(s).

      if you aren't using CAD you can still do it, but you won't be able to create a point with a defined vector.
      So you can use a movepoint CTL + M or a readpoint CTL + G (readpoints actually do produce a vector, but it's just your current workplane vector).


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        If you right click and hold on the mouse in program mode, you can move the probe without taking and "unexpected" hit.


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          Yes I am using CAD, and I am in program mode taking hits.

          The problem is when I hold right click on my mouse and move the probe to where I want the hit, once I left click it jumps. Leaving the hit slightly off from where I positioned the probe... maybe its only happening to me?


          • louisd
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            don't hold right click. just left click once on the cad. you will see a red arrow appear where you clicked on cad. you can keep doing it to construct a "Constructed" feature, OR like Schrocknroll said below, open auto feature and click away to make more consistently-spaced and better-controlled features.

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          What version of PC-D are you using? Whenever I do that, I stays where I put it. There could be a number of things that would cause that. One thing I would look at is the tessellation. If you scroll to make the probe large and it looks like an octagon, then I would go into settings editor and change the tessellation value from what it is currently to .001. then try to do the right click and hold on the probe.


          • Darrollh
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            Sorry, I misunderstood what the person was asking. was under the impression they wanted to move the probe without taking a hit.

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          The reason a key to take a hit won't work is that it won't define the vector. Why aren't you using Auto points? Then you can click the CAD and adjust the X, Y, Z, then click the binoculars to find the CAD again. Keep doing that until the hit is where you want. If your doing lines or planes you can still use the Auto points and construct the features you want.
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            hold shift+control while clicking on your cad model for auto vector points


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              Yeah I guess using auto points would be the best option.

              Some of these surfaces I'm taking 50 points for a plane, I've liked using program mode because even with all those points it keeps the edit window nice and clean.


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                Program mode to generate measured (as opposed to Auto) features has it's place, and irregular shaped planes is definitely one of them. You sure you're in surface Mode?
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                  This is an area where I am so glad that my company lets me have access to not only the CAD models, but the CAD software as well. I can go into the CAD software and put points on the model exactly where I want to take hits, then just select those points in PCDMIS. It is such a huge time saver that I recommend anybody who programs asking the powers that be if they would give you access to CAD software.


                  • Kp61dude!
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                    Don't download a bootleg CAD software if they say no!!! Trust me.

                    BradMorris64 is right, I have access to all the software I used to wish for, all bought and handed straight to me. What a feeling. All I had to do is ask the right person.
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