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  • "PC Dmis Message" Problem

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a question in regards to the "PC Dmis" message window. Whenever I run my program in DCC mode, this window would always pop up notifying me about a tip change or a comment. I was wondering if I can disable this pop-up window? I am currently a student learning PC Dmis level 1 at a technical school.

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    NO!!!!! DO NOT DISABLE THE MESSAGE WINDOW!!!!!! That message window is there to give you information about what's going on in the program. I hope no one here shows you how to do it. If you disable the window and something happens to the machine during execution, you could lose your job. On a better note, continue to go to school and learn all you can. BTW, I was a Machinist too before I was a programmer
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      If it's comments, those are not from PC-DMIS, but from the program. Those are placed into or removed from the program by the programmer.

      Some pop-up messages can be turned of but please heed Darrollh's advice and leave them on until you are a guru. They may be a little annoying at times, but they can save your CMM and possibly your job.

      Oh, and welcome to the forum.
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        Thank you very much for answering my questions. I will keep those pop up active for now until I get to the professional level. I have finish level 1 of the program and currently enrolled in level 2.

        What industry were you a machinist in Darrollh? I was a machinist in the aerospace industry. I had switch trades due to skin (Dermatitis) problem from the coolant.


        • Darrollh
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          I was a Machinist in the automotive and medical device industry. I started many years ago with a Bridgeport and moved over to Davenport and NewBritian screw machines. When I went to Con/Met, I picked up CNC on an Okuma and Doosan. I moved to CMM/Quality because the management wanted button pushers on running production. Now, I work in automotive for a midsized facility in the Carolinas.

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        That’s the same way how i started out in this trade. Learning to set up and operate the manual machines. Then I started working on the Makino, Haas and Mazaks. The Mazak has a language of its own so the. Implant had to send me to school for it.


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          We got a cyborg among us now.

          Also, we have an edit button.

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        Oops sorry for the typo. I meant to say “the company”


        • Darrollh
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          Yes. Mazaks use Conversational Language. Okumas are somewhat like that in the fact that things are a little bit different. Much like PC-D vs Calypso