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  • Probe changer (MCR20)

    Howdy folks. Help please....... I'm new to this machine, it's a B&S "one" running PCDMIS 2017 R1. It's been YEARS since I've programmed anything PCDMIS but memory has served me well I'm doing pretty good so far.

    I do however need to figure out how to configure the probe changer. I did search both here and Google for my question but didn't find anything.
    The guy before me had zero interest in explaining to me anything at all. I've got the MCR20 probe changer and I don't know how to configure it. The last machine I worked on was a bit different and I don't remember the code or anything.

    My question is where do I start? ANY help is GREATLY appreciated and beers are on me once I get this configured. Should be simple enough I imagine. I have no support here only because nobody knows. The guy before me hand loaded all the probes and I don't know why he didn't use the changer.

    Thanks in advance!!

    PC-DMIS 4.2 MR1 - Global Image 7107 - PH10MQ - SP600M

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    Post# 11 and #12

    Use a 2 mm X 10mm at least. I used a 2x20x10 when calibrating
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      Thanks Kirbster. Speaking of calibrating ... just a side note, I'm used to having a short and robust master probe to start my calibrations off with. I was left with long, skinny, small diameter stuff only. I'm going to make this right though, one step at a time. Thanks again!

      PC-DMIS 4.2 MR1 - Global Image 7107 - PH10MQ - SP600M


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        oh by the way when I said probe for calibration, I meant calibrating the tool changer, not actually calibrating the probe. Of course you need to calibrate your probe, but that's not I was referring to.

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