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  • Alignment

    I have round part. Outside diameter is a cone and called out Datum-A and center bore is a cylinder and called out Datum-B. There is no datum C. How can I align this part ? Please suggest.

    I have measured cone and leveled to Z plus and measured cylinder and take a point on round surface with Y zero co-ordinate. I have constructed a line from cylinder to point. That line is rotate to X Plus and Cylinder translate to X and Y and Cone translate to Z. Is this okay?

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    You could level to the cone, set the center bore for the rotation and construct a point in the middle of the bore to set the origin. I am sure someone else may chime in with something better.


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      got any pictures, drawing snips, or code to post?

      What you describe sounds like it controls all 6 degrees of freedom, but whether or not it aligns with the drawing dimension callout or engineer's intent, is always a concern.


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        Sorry. I am not at work.


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          Why are you worried about a part alignment then. Knock it off and be "off work".


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            If the OD is a cone, and the center bore shares the same axis as the cone, then the center bore does nothing. A cone locks 5 degrees of freedom, and all that is left is rotation about the axis of the cone.

            Does PC-DMIS allow you directly level to a cone, or do you need to do a workaround? If you can just level to the cone, do that, and then construct a point from the cone at the tip, and translate XYZ origin to it.
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              Yes. A cone will constrain 5 DOF.

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            Measure the cone.

            Level to cone, make cone X&Y origin.

            Then, change workplane to lets say Y+. Construct a line, click FOR ALIGNMENT.

            Change workplane back to Z+. Then.... Level Z+ to cone. Rotate to the Y+ about Z+ to the line. Make cone X&Y origin. Then take a point up top. Make that Z origin.



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