Repositioning a part during a program

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  • Repositioning a part during a program

    Is it possible, when aligning off a cad model, to move the part and setup a whole new alignment. In the past I've always made an entirely different program for each different position. I now have a part that is too big for my CMM. I'd like to be able to measure a section of it, move the part and measure the other section. This way I can reference dimensions from the other section to encompass measurements that are too big for the CMM to measure. There are other parts that this would be handy on as well, parts that I don't have to drastically change the setup to measure from the other side for example. So, is it possible to have one alignment off a cad model then switch in the same program to a completely new setup and alignment?

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    I think I've seen something like this in an earlier link. I think what they've done was equate the alignment so that you can move the part.


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      I've used the equate alignments for this type of part... But you need to have the same alignment features picked up in the equate aginment and your main alignment after the you move the part.
      Search Equate alignment there are lots of posts on this subject.


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        There are a couple of different ways to accomplish this, and dozens of threads on the topic.
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          I do this all the time. I will always create an assembly in CAD with 2 part in their specific orientations with the clamps and standoff all included. I never use equate alignment but I end up using variables and adding dimensions together to add the dimensions I need. I have posted a ton of stuff relating to this topic.


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