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  • # Of Points for Adaptive Circle Scan

    Good Morning,

    New to scanning. Took level 2 back in February. Tigo getting installed next week. Upgraded offline seat from 2016 CAD to 2018 CAD++ a few weeks ago. So i'm re doing my courses offline and I'm mainly interested in Adaptive Circle Scan.

    How do I control the number of points in a adpt circ scan? It looks like no matter what I change the point density to in the override dialog box, the scan path is always around 188 points. Can I control it to be 300 or 500?

    Another thing is that I work with standard units and most of the course is in metric so its a little tricky converting things. Are point density and scan speed always in metric?

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    for the adaptive circle scan - Advanced tab, the default point density (on my machine) is 6 pts/mm if i need more i usually bump it to 60 to see what it does then play with it from there. yes the advanced tab is always in metric. hope this helps


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      Just to be clear, 6 pts/mm means the machine will take 6 points per mm scanned?

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      yes exactly

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    if you look at the status window after the circle is measured how close to nominal was the hole? if the hole location is too far of f the nominal the probe might not be touching the wall all the way around the circle limiting the # of hits registered


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      Used this method in circle scans.

      Need to calculate FILTER/DISTANCE
      Ex Diameter = 50.8
      100 arc segments
      ASSIGN/PI = ACOS(0)*2
      ASSIGN/D1 = 50.8
      ASSIGN/C1 = PI*D1
      ASSIGN/NUM_ARCS = 100
      plug filter_distance into the scan component FILTER/DISTANCE

      Hope this helps, you know today being Friday the 13th and all.


      There are no bugs, only "UNDOCUMENTED ENHANCEMENTS!"



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        lol, its definitely an offline day today.