PDF 'auto' asks where to save file after Windows update

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  • PDF 'auto' asks where to save file after Windows update

    Hi, I have measurement routines which stores pdf's with the 'auto' function and this worked always fine. The pdf's were always stored with a higher number, but after a windows update it always asks where to store the file, but the print report is still on 'auto'.. Then PC-DMIS was re-installed and it worked again! But after some time, i think new windows update, it asks again where to store the file.

    Do I need to re-install PCDMIS again, or is there a better way to prevent this??

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    It mite have just "lost" the print file path. Go to, File > Printing > Report Window Print setup and check the file path is still correct. Even if it is correct maybe delete it and re-enter the information.

    It could also be a permissions issue, maybe pcdmis is not being run as administrator after the windows update (not sure if it would do this) .


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