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  • Lmc

    Maximum material condition:
    1. For internal diameter: Bonus tolerance=( measured value- minimum diameter) + True position tolerance.

    2. For external diameter: Bonus tolerance=( maximum diameter- measured value) + True position tolerance.

    CMM can calculate Least material condition itself. However, can someone please define manually how to calculate bonus tolerance in Least material condition as I showed for MMC above? I have been little confused about it.

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    Is that help ?


    • Roberto
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      Very useful info @ JEFMAN
      LMC is not too common. To be honest I don't remember checking a position of a hole or a pin with LMC

      Allez les Bleus!

    • JEFMAN
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      Gracias, Roberto

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    We have a part that requires LMC on an ID of a stem. It was explained that they want to control wall thickness between the ID and OD, but make sure the hole is with position to Datum B. Rare, but it happens.


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      I would look at it more like Bonus TOl. + Feature Control Frame TOL. = Actual TOl. Yeah, the end number is the same but if we were talking in a conversation and you said how much "bonus" tolerance you had I would assume that you would then add that to the actual TOL. Just trying to keep the verbiage correct.


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