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  • Hidden features???

    Every once in a while, I go to delete things and this message pops up.

    "One or more features not shown were found within the current selection."
    "Do you wish to delete these features as well?"

    How are features hidden? How do I unhide them??
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    What version of the demon is making this prompt? Some 2009-2012 versions glitch out on displaying features. If you toggle to summary mode, you might be able to see the mystery features not visible in edit window.


    • DarthLoser
      DarthLoser commented
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      I'm running CAD++ 2017 R2, but it's been doing this for a long time.

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    Is everything checked in this window?

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      This is classic Demon!
      My guess is we should consider it/them Easter eggs and go on about our business. I've had this surprise before and posted the same graphic, DarthLoser.
      (I just could never find that old post anymore)
      Perhaps feature and my old post re-hides like cicadas.
      My take is: Someone at Hexagon coded that 'popup' for a reason.
      Nice try Mr. Tasty, but when you've got features galore in a program and this only shows up when attempting to troubleshoot? (delete small chunks at a time) Well, seems weird to me.
      Anyway, I'd LOVE to hear the Hex folks reply on this.
      In my universe, one cannot Edit what one cannot See.


      • ClayT
        ClayT commented
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        your comment here

        I use a lot of key commands in The Demon, which means I fat finger (macro finger) a lot.
        Every now and then I'll get a popup.
        There's nothing on the popup except a "Don't bug me again" checkbox, and an OK button.
        (The Demon ignores the checkbox, btw)

      • sealevel
        sealevel commented
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        ClayT.... am guessing MY fat fingering is what created those hidden features. As for "Don't bug me again", that should be the motto of Demon users worldwide

      • DJAMS
        DJAMS commented
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        Classic demon indeed. Been going on since I started with pc-dmis. Which was v4.1, in 2007

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      Max Tasty had a good idea, make sure that's all checked. But it could be that or it could be grouped, there can be a bunch of reason or ways to hide features in the code. I do it all of the time intentionally to prevent operators from tinkering with the code.
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        There is a rare bug that occurs where code can get hidden behind prior code.

        I used to get it in 2012 MR1 whenever I added a Scan after a Group - the first part of the scan code would be missing from view, but it would be hidden behind the document comments that followed the End Group command.


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          Originally posted by Peter Fuller View Post
          Max Tasty had a good idea, make sure that's all checked. But it could be that or it could be grouped, there can be a bunch of reason or ways to hide features in the code. I do it all of the time intentionally to prevent operators from tinkering with the code.
          Peter Fuller A sound line of investigation, to be sure.
          (I never have to check show features, they're always on, and have never used 'Group')
          However, I did uncover some common symptoms between Demon users who get the 'Hidden Feature' popup and Lyme disease victims:
          • Severe headaches and neck stiffness
          • Facial palsy (loss of muscle tone or droop on one or both sides of the face)
          • Intermittent pain in tendons, muscles, joints, and bones
          • Heart palpitations or an irregular heart beat
          • Episodes of dizziness or shortness of breath
          • Inflammation of the brain and spinal cord
          • Nerve pain
          • Shooting pains, numbness, or tingling in the hands or feet
          • Problems with short-term memory
          It all makes perfect sense.......

          happy Friday


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            From what I understand it is about features within a collapsed group. The features are not highlighted since they are within the group but they will be deleted since the group is deleted. Perhaps “hidden” is not a good term.


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              SABarber Perhaps. But consider this: IF there are no GROUPS in a program, how can there be a feature somewhere within the Edit Window that is not shown?
              For me, this is the essence of the problem. Somehow, I have created a unintentional 'feature' (my fat snausages pounding on the keyboard?) I would think it is impossible to create a feature, without it showing up in the Edit Window.
              As Peter Fuller suggests, there are ways to hide features after their creation... but in my case? the feature is hidden UPON it's creation, whether intentional or not. And for some reason... I can almost convince myself that sometimes I was jaspering around with clearplanes or ctrl + m when my fumbling made me feel really uneasy about what I had just done. Crazy? Yeah. But I know what I (didn't) see in certain programs, and I have no explanation about how they got there or even what type of feature they were. Until, of course, I attempted to shell the program into a fresh one and was met with THE message.


              • SABarber
                SABarber commented
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                You could send the program to tech support to try to find out why.

              • sealevel
                sealevel commented
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                totally agree. I should have, but didn't. And unfortunately my memory as to what/which program I was in the process of creating when the message occurred has been wiped off my cranial HDD. (exceeded available space)

              • SABarber
                SABarber commented
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                I have very limited head space as well. Maybe next time.
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