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  • Alignment issue

    Hi everyone , I am creating an ABC datum alignment datum A is the floor of the part datum B IS a .250" diameter hole in the floor, the datum C is flange at 87degree to datum A.
    - In my alignment I level with datum A translated my Z to datum A,
    - rotated with a line on datum C
    - translated my X AND Y to cylinder B (datum B).

    with this alignment I am getting a .009" error in X .Could the be because I did not translate my X to datum C, OR should I have use an iterated alignment?

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    I would’ve done an iterative alignment. Try that. The IA should clear up the error.


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      Thank u


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        So, you are clocking the alignment to a flange that is 87 deg.
        Q. Is the dimension (showing 0.009" error) called out to be square to this flange?
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          The error dimensions are not square to the flange


          • Roberto
            Roberto commented
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            That's why the dimensions are coming out skewed.
            You should use the offset angle (i.e. 3 deg) to bring the dimensions "parallel" with the object.
            Unless I'm missing something.

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          Measure datum C as a plane and rotate to that.


          • Steve R
            Steve R commented
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            "Rotate to that" means rotate to the 3 degree. Angle?

          • RandomJerk
            RandomJerk commented
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            When you're rotating to a 3D feature, the vector component of the "about" axis is ignored. I've done it plenty of times, and I've checked it quite a few, it works fine.

            If it's a really big concern, though, intersect the two planes and use the generated line for the rotation.

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