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    Good afternoon....again I'm dipping into the best knowledge pool I have for a question that is not exactly Pcdmis related but will always promote a great return of input.

    Question: The question has arisen on the proper minor diameter callouts and tolerances of helicoil threads. Specifically : Cut tap threads vs. Roll tap threads. Do the numbers coiincide? I'm hearing that cut tap minor tolerances and roll tap minors tolerances are different. We're writing a program right now and a question arose on the settings for the minor callouts in the threaded holes. Any input would be helpfull.....thanx
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    I am pretty sure the minor diameter for a helicoil thread will be nominally smaller than a cut thread because it will have a more complete thread form, the cut thread typically having only 75% to 80% thread depth


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      I used to work for a job shop in Tampa and we were required by one customer to use helicoil inserts in all of threaded holes we put in their parts. You are to use standard thread pitch and minor diameter specs as listed for that specific size.
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        Like dwade says I believe that the final thread must meet the same specification. However, I do believe that a formed thread has different requirements than a cut thread for the pre-threaded hole.

        Get with a tool manufacturer/distributor, they should be able to point you in the right direction as to what those specifications are.
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