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  • solid view???

    Is there a way to create a solid view in the graphics display? i would like to know if i can measure a cylinder and create a solid picture of it? I can import solid views, CAD files, but when writing a program, how to create solid views. i rarely import cad files. 99.9% programming on the table. Thanks .
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    I don't believe you can, without cad.
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      Nope, the only thing you can make 'solid' that you measure in Pcdmis is a surface, meaning if you do a patch scan, then construct a surface patch from the patch scan, you can make it show as a solid, other than that, it will be wire.
      Originally posted by AndersI
      I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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        I agrree with Hoederman. I actually use that method multiple times a week. You must measure the surface using the scan but also must be mulitple point and cannot be just a line. Patch scan will work for version 3.5.

        I always use the solid surface on top of the cad model so that the engineers can visually see the profile difference.
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