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    I've been reading some of the early user feedback for version 4.0 and it doesn't sound very positive. I was hoping to get some opinions comparing PCDMIS to other CMM software packages. We started using PCDMIS about ten months ago and really haven't passed the point were we couldn't switch to another software.

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    Even with the problems I've encountered I wouldn't trade this for ANY other.

    3.7 mr3

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      Why do you want to dump PCDMIS? I have never heard any good feedback from any new version. We as a group, are a bunch of whiners ( Just ask Canadain John) We dont like change. I am the worst. But there is not one us who would jump ship if we had the chace. We b#tch about it, we use it, we end up loving it. But my true love will always be 3.2063, I keep that on the old machine. So whats your major complaint?
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        Don't switch. Sure, there are bugs, but I don't think you will find an easier to use, more powerful software out there. You just have to use a 'good' version and NEVER, under any conditions, be the 'first' to try a new version.
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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          I have uprgraed to 4.o and can not change the nominals in ture postion. The new Feature control frames look nice, but need some user work. The manual is somewhat streril in its description of scanning.
          The report feature is now more complicated than before. RTF files for 2 pages are over 2 megs. I would suggest they find a way to get you familiar with what changed before making the software almost foreign.


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            Originally posted by Axel45
            I would suggest they find a way to get you familiar with what changed before making the software almost foreign.
            There is "Update to 4.0 DMIS $350.00" Offered by B&S in are area this fall.

            The jury is still out here. I'll stick with 3.7 for awhile yet.

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              All software has bugs. I think PC DMIS is one of the most user freindly CMM based software packages on the market though.


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                Thanks for the info. Actually, my impression of PCDIMIS is that is somewhat unstable, poorly documented and supported. The reporting functions are poorly designed as is the operator mode. I guess I was just fishing for some ideas and I do appreciate your responses.



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                  It is unstable in some versions, some are VERY stable. V3.2063 MR3 was EXCELLENT and V3.5 no MR was not too bad, stability-wise, and V3.7 MR3 so far has been very stable for me, I have not (yet) been dumped out. The reporting functions DO leave a lot to be desired, but the biggest problem with the reporting functions have to do with the Wilcox programmers NOT understanding how wide an 8.5x11.0 sheet of paper is and what are reasonable tolerances (they have V3.7 MR3 setup for tolerance columns widths that fit a tolerance of 99,999.000 in metric, I mean, REALLY!). I do not have to deal with operator mode, so I have no opinion on that, sorry.

                  I have read on this and the other board that the reporting in V4.0 is kind of messed up, I guess it was a poor attempt to fix what they have had messed up with the reports in the previous versions by forcing the users to configure it, but maybe it will get better. However, I am almost done with my MASSIVE excel form that will take care of that for me, no matter WHAT they do with the reporting in any version at any time, I don't even have to use the PCDMISTOEXCEL thingie that they have (have you tried that, by the way?). Sure, not all of us can do little projects like this, but in my spare time I do work on them and you would be amazed at what YOU can do as well. Also, if you use Datapage (I do, that's where I get the data for my excel form) it has an option for a MEASUREMENT report. I personally do not really like the way it looks, but it does keep the data on the sheet of paper and makes a report that looks a lot like the old-style reports, but not quite, right down to the little bars indicating where in the tolerance zone the point landed, so that is always an option. I save ALL my data to Datapage anyway, it's not that big a deal, so y'all can do so too.

                  So, even with all the problems in the software (and I will not kid you, there are quite a few, depending on the version) I would not want to use something else.
                  Originally posted by AndersI
                  I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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                    Amen Brother!


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