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  • Opinions on S.F. 4.5.4 CMM

    Need some input if anyone is using a S.F. 4.5.4 as management is looking to buy one.

    If you do, what are your thoughts on the CMM? Are they accurate? Are the repeatable? Any mechanical issues with them? Any and all legitimate comments are welcome.

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    We have 3, each works in its own cell. Each measures the same part over and over. 2 of them have manual heads and our third has a indexing head and a probe changer, (awesome). IT checks a slightly smaller part.

    They are tough little machines. really small volume especially when you have an indexing head. Repeatable. Not as accurate as I would like but that's due to the shop environment (machines vibration, forklift traffic, etc..)

    Our 2 machines with manual heads, we use a star probe and that's it. No other angles. Probably would have been cheaper with a fixed head. We had to add a 50mm extension from the head to the probe body so we lost lots of height.

    It really depends on what you want to inspect with them. These were our first CMMs so idk if your coming from a larger machine but its going to be alot smaller and confined.

    We even might get a 4th but i'm hoping for a Tigo instead so we can start scanning features.
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    • acgarcia
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      Looks like our 4th will be a Tigo, just got approval. yay.

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    They can also be moved without the need for Hexagon or riggers. I've moved them a couple of times with no problems.

    Like I said in my other post, it depends on what you want to inspect on them. If you have lots of really small parts, its ok, if you have larger parts you might start hitting the working volume and you'll have a hard time with probe changes and stuff.

    Do your homework.
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    • dwade
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      management likes the idea of portability but my main concern is durability, accuracy and repeatability. Most of the parts that these machines will be checking are hip stems and femoral plates with the largest part being 1.5"W X 1.5"H X 7"L. The machine specs are borderline but should be OK for what needs to be measured.

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      well it might suit you. All the move so far were about tweaking the layout of the cell and the CMM needed to go like 8in back or whatever. We are installing another hoist system so i'll have to move 1 a few inches back when ever they are ready.

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    They only have one of these here. Had to be completely rebuilt and replace the light transformer. The main issue was the Sheffield controller that was replace with a I believe FBII controller. Not sure if Hexagon is still using that Sheffield controller with the SF454 anymore. This cmm was purchase in 2016 new. After the awesome work performed by Hexagon this cmm SF454 just keeps going and going. Great little CMM. Looks like they might have improved the way the monitor is mounted on the cmm. Before I can move this cmm thru a man door I have to remove the monitor and jog box mounting.


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      Yes, I like the way the monitor and the PC are mounted to the CMM also. The brochure/spec sheet we received makes the little CMM look nice.

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    dwade, its nice to move it but its not like unplug and move it and plug it back in. There is a process.

    1) Calibrate probes and measure a part in 4 or 5 decimal places 3 to 5 times looking for repeating results.
    2) get a machinist level and check the level of the granite table in multiple areas photographing each check.
    3) Then power down and lower the machine on its wheels and move it.
    4) Raise it back up to the feet and you have to re level it to the same level as before. Use pictures
    5) Power everything back up, home, calibrate probes and remeasure the same part 3 to 5 times to check for repeat ability.

    to do all this usually takes me about 1 to 1 1/2 hours by myself.

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      This is what I envisioned as part of the moving process. Before and after results would have to correlate. A procedure would have to be written and all documentation would have to be recorded as we are 13485 accredited and meet FDA requirements

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    We have 2 SF 4-5-4 with TP20, PH10T & Probe changer
    controller on these are UMP360
    2 machine R&R repeatability correlated across ~ 3 inches is under .00035" to a global (same parts run on both machines, 2 operators 10 times, 3 trials)
    Working envelope is small with probe angles at right angle; 7 " long part will be close if changer is involved but doable.
    moving CMM follow similar outline as acgarcia, shut it down, lower on to wheels. Move. Raise up and use a spirit level to level machine. Power up and calibrate.
    I have pushed for Global over these for the tolerances we have for some parts we need that extra tenth over buying these

    I would look at this also Post #18 By Josh C

    We have 2 4.5.4 SFs. I ran a part 5 times on CMM A and then ran the exact same part on CMM B. Got different and same results. CMM A runs 2016 and CMM B runs