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  • Need help with automotive parts

    Hi All,

    This is my first post here and I am looking for some help. I am currently working on CMM wich brand is not very well known around world it is really small company compared to competitiors. Unfortunately they give no support and havent replied to my emails either.

    I understand that different softwares have different approaches but at least I possibly could learn something.

    So I was tasked recently to measure parts for our customer.

    Part 1:
    Question is how would you go about measuring line profile to datums of the 1st part. And how would you align it in car posiotion with given Datum Targets. How would you find those targets on actual part?

    Part 2:

    How would you set datum to the tab. Datum is shown on the width dimension of the Tab does that mean that the Datum is on the centre line that intersects with the bottom arc of the tab?

    Pictures of the Parts:

    I appreciate any advice,


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    Question: Have you had formal training on PC-DMIS?


    • Reinis
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      No I haven't.

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    Another example of an annoying design engineer. Why 2 points for A, 1 point for B and 3 points for C. Drives me mad

    And actually now I look the second drawing you have posted seems to contradict the first. You have three datum targets for C and then on the second drawing C looks like its a tab on the part

    Anyway if this isn't pcdmis you are using you shouldn't really post it here. If you post it in the off topic section someone may be able to help you if you say what machine and software you are using.


    • Reinis
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      The second drawing is for a totally different part. Sorry for confusing you

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    Part 1: You would need a CAD-model to get the nominals for the outer contour. The datum targets should have coordinates originating from "something" which tells you where to measure the datum targets. Maybe a gage is used for this measurement?

    Part 2: It seems that it is the tab centerline (from the two sides) that is toleranced (and is also datum C).

    This forum is directed towards Hexagon products, a more generic forum can be found at [www.c m m] (remove the spacing).

    Regardless of model and make of the equipment, you will need training - both for the equipment (hardware and software) and GD&T.
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      Yes I have Cad. I have best fitted part to CAD, the problem is I don't know how to find coordinates on the part. I understand that this is not right forum to post in, but I thought if somebody has measured something similar on this software then I could use that as an analogy and get some ideas.

      Do you mean something like fixture with holes in it with specified coordinates to align to?

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      Check the forum provided. Almost any software you might have, probably has someone there who can help. In PC-DMIS, we can just create features at a given coordinate to measure. And there are multiple ways to align to datum targets. Iterative, best fit, offset, maybe others.

      What software are you running?

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    Can't open the link dang it!
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      The drawing has the co-ordinates for the datums in the bottom corner.
      Best fit part.
      Use datum co-ordinates to locate surface/edge points at datum locations.
      Iterative alignment using surface/edge points

      Should get you somewhere close.....
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        What cmm software are you using? I use CMM Manager, PC-DMIS, and Verisurf.


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