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    Good Morning,

    I have 3 4.5.4 SF using 2016 pc-dmis cad and tp20s. I need a quote for another CMM. I would like a Tigo instead of another 454. I proved a part with some long probe builds and I have concerns about its accuracy. 1 build is a medium force, 10mm ext, 5 way, and 4x40 in the y+ direction. It has to be this long to reach inside and check some critical features, rotates 180 degrees to y- and checks the other side.

    Everything calibrates good but I still have concerns about its length. My part was sitting on the shelf and it was coated with a rust inhibitor so there is some build up on its surface. I cleaned the best I can and of course I get bad results. The inspection part will be bare metal.

    My question is what probe build would a scanning fixed head on a Tigo have and so I can at least try and build it offline to see if the head will fit inside my part. Running 2016 so I don't have the updated head names and i can't scan anything either. Just want to see if it fits.


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    ok, looking at the website. Tigo comes equipped with HP-S-X1C which used to be Leitz Scanning Probe Head X1C. I don't have that in my drop down list.

    Only Leitz option are Leitz LSPX3 and LeitzLSPX5


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      I would highly recommend getting with your local Hex-a-tech to see about available options. Not only would they answer any questions you have far better than most of us on here, but you'll be buying it from them probably anyway :P
      Plus with their ability to retrofit machines to other crap I mean anything is possible
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        As you stated you're far exceeding what you can check with a non straight stylus on TP20 (or Tesa equivalent).

        If you can get in there with the 40mm horizontal 'L' Probe of the TP20, I see no reason why any of the scanning heads would be an issue.
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